Back from summer travels

It's been a while since we have come back from this summer's extensive travels in the US, but some summing up is certainly necessary! Feleboga would like to thank all the great people who made it possible for us to see old and make new friends and play music for them all. We started out on the Monterey peninsula and played yet another concert at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel where Robert Reese set us up for a mixed concert of American and Norwegian traditional music. After that we played at the Old Monterey Farmers Market before we headed on to Minnesota to see family. There cousin Bill Priedeman arranged a house concert with his spacious house packed. Just a mile from his home we ran into an open air jam session of old-time musicians!

Back in the east we attended the Swannanoa Gathering again at Warren Wilson College near Asheville, NC and then our friends Bruce Greene and Loy McWhirter set up a concert at the Celo Community Center in Burnsville, NC. There we focused on the Norwegian, the place was packed and one audience member had just moved there from Oslo after attending the very same high school Mattias is starting at!

After Clifftop where Mattias and Elizabeth competed in adult fiddle and Mattias also in youth band (with " The Moose Whisperers") we visited Ashland, KY, home of Ed Haley and then visited with the Kentucky branch of the family and played at the Kentucky Coffeetree Café in Frankfort, thanks to John Harrod and Tona Barkley. Again we mixed Norwegian and Appalachian and played both banjo and hardingfele!

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