Feleboga plays and sings old-time music from the Appalachian mountains -  haunting and archaic songs about the hard life in the mountains and mines, old ballads, shape note hymns, and toe-tapping fiddle tunes. 

Elizabeth Gaver - fiddle, dulcimer & vocals
Paul Kirby - banjo & vocals

Hans-Hinrich Thedens - guitar & vocals
Alix Cordray - bass, washboard & dance 

In 2022, Feleboga received support from Oslo Musikkråd to promote our concerts to raise awareness about and benefit cultural organizations in Kentucky affected by flooding in July. The band will be playing several venues in Oslo in spring 2023, and we look forward to performing and teaching at the Back to the Farm Festival in Italy in July. 

From spring 2020 until summer 2021, our living room in Oslo was filled with songs, tunes, dances, and lots of coffee shared with a few good friends. We delved into old source recordings as well as playing tunes we learned from friends and at festivals. Some of the fiddle tunes we played had a few words to them, which inspired Paul to add more verses. 

Soon Feleboga began a series of weekly live streamed “Coffee Break” concerts. These 52 half-hour sets reached friends in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, and throughout the US. Feleboga recorded their CD “Coffee Break” in spring 2021, as a memory of the time spent together between lockdowns, quarantines and re-openings. 

Feleboga ("fiddle bows") was started as a family band by Hans-Hinrich, Elizabeth, and their son, Mattias. Our family lived in Tennessee for six months, immersed in the local music and culture. For many summers, we returned to the Appalachian area, taking part in music workshops and festivals, playing with friends, and always coming home with new tunes and songs. Together with Paul and Alix, Feleboga has performed at Siglufjørdur festival, Iceland, Gainsborough Festival, England, Copenhagen World Music Festival, Denmark, as well as pubs in Germany and Norway. In addition to concerts, the band plays and call square dances, and the members teach workshops.



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