Feleboga coffee break - live streams from Oslo!

Since the end of May we have been getting together with Paul (and now also with others) and played half hour shows every Wednesday at 5 PM Oslo time. You can watch us on Facebook or you can check…


Covid 10 activities / Noony Toons

Like everybod else Feleboga has been staying home and staying safe. But there is still a lot to do as people are imaginative in finding alternatives to meeting for sessions and concerts. The Richmond Old-time gathering in London was just…


Stringband CD done and available

Our CD "Tugboat to Hamburg" has been delivered and will be available from CDBAby and us directly shortly.

Unfortunately CDBaby has closed their online shop. While we are looking for an alternative, just write to and we will send…


New video medley from Easter tour is up on Youtube

Here is a little taste of our trio concert in Germany at Easter-time:

As usual we had a great time first playing for our friend Bjørn's birthday party in Copenhagen, then jamming with our friends, the Kannes and then…


New recordings on Soundcloud

So we made some more recordings in Oslo. Together with those from Germany the MIGHT become a CD, but in the meantime enjoy them on Soundcloud:


Recording and performing in Germany

So we had a great time with the whole stringband in old stomping grounds. We took the boat and then drove through Denmark and performed at the Lord Nelson's Irish Pub in Brunsbüttel before rehearsing new material and making demo…


Performances in the spring

In May we played for the Hordaringen dance group in Oslo while Alix led the dancers. Then we played on the Roots&Rock'n Roll stage downtown at Oslo's Music Day on June 4th before heading over to the American church in…


Stringband @ Bluegrassaften at Buckley's Pub in Oslo

So we are off and running as a five piece stringband!

We played at the Christmas fair of Mattias old school in December and now we performed as the first half of Buckley's Pub's Bluegrass night in downtown Oslo. It…


Back from summer travels

It's been a while since we have come back from this summer's extensive travels in the US, but some summing up is certainly necessary! Feleboga would like to thank all the great people who made it possible for us to…


Carl Cherry Center concert

We played the Center for the fourth time now, again with a mixed program of Norwegian and Appalachian folk music. This time we attracted the local folkies of the Monterey peninsula. What fun!


Square dance at the American church in Oslo

Last night we played at the American Lutheran Congregation in Oslo. I think it was announced as a social evening with food and dance, and our friend Paul Kirby set it up. It turned out to be a total blast…