The Oslo-based family band Feleboga has charmed and delighted audiences with its eclectic mix of tunes, songs and dances from the Appalachians and Norway, sometimes also from Scotland, Cajun Louisiana. Performing on fiddles, hardingfele, guitar and banjo, the band has performed concerts, appeared at festivals, played for and called dances and taught at workshops in Germany, Poland, Iceland, Thailand, Norway and the US.

Feleboga ("fiddle bows") was founded as a hardingfele duo by Hans-Hinrich and Elizabeth in 1999. Mattias joined his parents playing spoons and dancing when he was five, and playing fiddle, hardingfele and ukulele from the age of ten, Mattias has now finished high school and performs with number of groups in different styles of music. Together with his band Moose Whisperers, he won the band competition at the prestigious Clifftop Festival in 2016 and has toured Norway and Denmark.

With the addition of Paul Kirby on vocals and banjo and Alix Cordray on bass, Feleboga Stringband performs Appalachian string band music:  toe-tapping hoedowns, lively songs with three-part refrain singing, and mournful ballads from the mountains and sea. Feleboga is dedicated to presenting and teaching traditional Appalachian dance including southern squares, big circle dances and solo flat-footing or clogging. Alix is a well-known dance instructor with an ability to encourage everyone to join the dance and Hans-Hinrich has learned to call dances from master caller Phil Jamison.



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